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A wood stove is the most popular, flexible and economical wood heating option there is. Your stove can be located almost anywhere there is enough space and where its chimney can be properly routed! On the site you will find lots of advice and information for getting the most out of your wood stove or wood burning furnace.
Wood stoves have been around for hundreds of years. They are just as popular now as a source of heat as they have always been. In the eighteenth century open fireplaces began to be replaced by self contained stoves, which are still in use today. For most people there's that certain something that a real wood burning stove gives to a room. Maybe its the scent of burning wood or the beauty of the flickering flames. Whatever the secret is, there's no doubt that a wood burning stove can give a house that extra welcoming feeling.

With the advances in technology today's wood stoves are more efficient and produce less smoke than ever before. Traditionally wood stoves were to only to be found in cabins and chalets. These days the large range and variety of styles means it's easy to find a wood stove that will match the decor of your home.

If you are contemplating buying and installing a wood stove in your home there are a few things to consider.

Position your stove where you will need the heat the most, remember they produce a lot of heat. It may be a good idea if possible to locate the stove in a position near the center of the house to ensure heat is distributed evenly to all parts of the building. Where ever your stove is going to be you should consider how the stove chimney is to be routed. This is an important consideration.

A wood stove can be used for heating and cooking. Some people buy their stove with cooking in mind. You can find many great stoves designs that will give you the best of both worlds. Lets face it, a kitchen with a stove will always be a warm and welcoming place in anyone's home.

A traditional design of stove is tall and cylindrical in shape. Materials used in the construction can range from stainless steel and soapstone to ceramics. It's worth considering a stoves safety features such as ventilation and correct grating and screening systems. If you have small children around your house then a locking mechanism might be a good idea to help prevent accidents.

No wood burning stove will ever completely burn all the wood. The smoke produced is composed of partially burnt wood particles. The efficiency of a wood stove varies with the method of stove construction. It really depends on how well the stove burns wood and converts it into heat and how much heat escapes via the chimney.

There are some things you can do increase the efficiency of a stove. Always check that your chimney is swept regularly. If you are getting lots of smoke and not enough burning then perhaps you can change the size of the stove opening or reconfigure the chamber of your stove. Some times repositioning the fire basket, which is the metal that holds the burning logs can improve things. Better air circulation will result in greater heat efficiency.

These days no matter what you are looking for in a wood burning stove there is bound to be a design that will suit your needs perfectly. There is nothing better than the comforting glow of a real wood burning stove on a cold winter night.

All in all wood stoves are a great alternative to more common heating methods. They run on a renewable resource, wood is inexpensive, easy to find, and can be replenished, unlike many other fuels. With the right stove it can even be more cost effective. Make sure you shop around and get professional advice and installation.

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